December 15, 2016


Merry Christmas!

Are you looking forward to Christmas?  I am. I’ve been a good cat this year so I think that Santa Claws is going to bring me lots of toys & treats.  Do you know about Santa Claws? Santa Claus got too busy delivering toys to kids, so Santa Claws helps him out by delivering to all of the cats & kittens around the world.  He lives just south of the North Pole and has a sleigh with 8 baby reindeer (because cats are small and Santa Claws doesn’t need grown up reindeer).  Santa Claws is an older fluffy cat and he wears a red hat to keep warm.  Kittens always leave out bacon, anchovies, and warm milk for Santa Claws – it takes a lot of energy to visit all of the cats in one night.

Good Day!



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